Wrought Iron Welding

Wrought iron can be used as a decorative item such as gates and doors; or it can be used as a security measure where it is used to protect windows and other vulnerable areas of a building or home.  Because wrought iron is such a relatively easy metal to work with, it has become a favorite among welders.  It provides good tensile strength and is resistant to corrosion, which makes it perfect for use outdoors, and it is highly resistant to fatigue.

Wrought iron welding is relatively easy when compared to other metal alloys such as stainless steel or aluminum, mainly because wrought iron is almost pure iron, and the slag fibers in the metal serve as a fluxing medium at temperatures suitable for welding.

Wrought iron welding  can be accomplished by the hobby welder or professional welder alike. Wrought iron is a metal that has a very low carbon content, only about .035% in fact. The melting point of wrought iron is approximately 1500 degrees Centigrade. This type of iron is produced by heating and then melting ingots of pig iron in a large puddling furnace. Because of the slag mentioned earlier, wrought iron possesses a unique fibrous structure, as the slag is spread throughout the iron base metal in fibers and thread that tend to extend in the same direction as the iron is being rolled.

As with any welding job, it is important that the metals you are working with are free of debris and have been cleansed of any oils that may have found their way onto the metal.  Removing the debris will provide you with a cleaner end result, and by removing any oils or other contaminants from the wrought iron will lessen the chance of a fire occurring.  Always remember, the cleaner your metals, the better quality of weld you will be able to create.  Wrought iron welding can be very rewarding and enjoyable once you find the technique that works for you.

We provide a wide range of wrought iron welding  services and we can help with any size project from a small repair to total replacement. Our onsite welding services are perfect for repairing fences, handrails and gates.