Pipe Bending

Pipe Bending

Complete Iron Works and Welding specializes in custom pipe bending. We render quality pipe bending services at the most affordable price. Our expert team uses specialist techniques and a wide range of unique equipment to bring a flexible and practical problem-solving approach. Custom pipe bending offers you the flexibility and precision needed for simple projects to complex applications. We are experienced in both simple and complex bends to offer another dimension of fluid handling solutions. Whether a single prototype or production bends, our commitment is to accuracy and quality. You can get the tight radius, a large radius and elliptical bend through our high-end CNC bending machines that too on the same parts of the pipe. We offer a quick turnaround and a highly accurate process to create standardized and bespoke tubing from simple plumbing pipes to highly complex shaped tubes for use in engines, air conditioning and all kinds of pipework systems.

We are the leading services provider of pipe bending services, offers you a skilled work with the fine finishing touch. Complete Iron Works and Welding expertise includes pipes, bars, beams, and tubes, and our proficiencies span a range of shapes and materials. Our pipe bending and flaring capabilities eliminate costly welding operations and provide piping with higher integrity, faster fabrication, and lower NDT costs. At Complete Iron Works and Welding, we have years of experience in handling the difficulties of bending and will factor in the variables to make sure that our finished product fits your needs. We have a huge range of tooling for both pipe bending and tube bending as well as special tooling for bending rectangular hollow sections, aerofoil sections and oval tube. Our equipment can also be used to produce sharp bends in angle, channel and aluminum extrusions. You can expect the best quality at the affordable rate, you won’t want to miss.

Complete Iron Works and Welding employs a variety of pipe bending equipment. In order to meet our client’s specifications, our high-quality machines and our fabricators are accurate and dependable. Custom pipe bending offers you the flexibility and precision needed for simple projects to complex applications. We are the leading pipe bending service provider in California, where we use the latest technology to bend pipe perfectly. Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide a perfect solution for all types of you pipe bending work. Our bending specialists strive to provide high-caliber quality at prices you can afford. From custom prototypes to large-volume production runs, you can expect the same attentive service and prompt delivery, every time. 

There are four types of tube and pipe bending methods.

Rotary Draw Bending

It bends the metal via a series of die sets having maintained centerline radius.  Rotary draw bending is an accurate type of custom tube bending that uses a rotary draw machine to deliver custom jobs and can bend tubes and pipes for handles, rails and roll cages. It allows more control because mandrels and dies are inside the tube for support. This prevents potential wrinkling on the inside wall of a tight bend.

Roll Bending

Roll bending makes use of one machine having three rollers, known as a jig. It is used for bending sheet metal as well as metal bars. This method can be an easy and precise way to bend a variety of radii without the need for specific tooling for the desired bend radius desired. Ring roll bending produces relatively uniform cross-sections with little deformation, and it is used for crafting drum rolls, appliance frames, truss pipes, and other rounded, large-diameter components.

Ram Bending

Ram Bending is perhaps the oldest bending method. Ram pipe bending, is a method that forces a die against the section of tube, pipe or structural where the bend is wanted. Ram bending is commonly used to manufacture automobile exhaust pipes and forming electrical conduits. 

Mandrel Bending

A Mandrel is less a method of tube bending and more an aid to tube bending. This application is used by many industries for automotive exhaust, equipment exercise, and also for aerospace. The bending is done in the pipe just beyond the mandrel. When used properly, the mandrel maintains the size and structure of the pipe diameter better than ram bending, for specific materials or applications. This offers support and increases the chance of getting the desired shape when bending.

If you have a metal fabrication job that requires pipe bending, we have the ideal solution. Our tube bending techniques, engineers and equipment ensure that your projects are completed to the highest possible standards, every time.