Tube Bending

Tube Bending

Complete Iron Works and Welding can provide a tube bending service which is available to both our commercial and domestic customers with a quick turnaround. We provide a range of tube bending services that are suitable for many different applications. Our experience enables us to deal with thin-wall, lightweight exotic materials where heat transfer is critical. Complete Iron Works and Welding can do compression and rotary draw bending, enabling us to provide high-quality bent parts at the lowest cost to our customers. Our expertise includes forming structural steel to the tightest radius possible with minimal distortion as well as providing maximum consistency from piece to piece.  We specialize in round, square and rectangular shaped steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum pipe and tubing. Almost any size of tube and material can be bent, from large diameter and thick walled Mild Steel, through to very small diameter Stainless Steel from our 316 or 321 range. 

Custom tube bending allows a piece of metal tubing or pipe to be bent to accommodate a project’s exact specifications. Tube bending is a collective term that describes a variety of forming processes that can permanently bend or change the shape of tubing or pipe. Custom tube bending is accomplished when a tube is bent in one or more places, to any angle and on any axis. We have many years of experience within the tube manipulation industry. As a result of this, we have expert knowledge of the process. Our tube bending process provides standard bend radii from tight mandrel bends to large, sweeping roll bends. Complete Iron Works and Welding team has years of custom tube bending and design experience, which means your custom projects will be expertly machined. While tube bending poses a number of specific challenges, our highly skilled and extensively trained technicians continually deliver outstanding work characterized by tight tolerances and conformity to customer specifications. 

At Complete Iron Works and Welding, we specialize in the manipulation of tubes and hollow structural sections of virtually any shape or size. Our tube bending center is capable of multi-radius, three dimensional bends. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to bend small diameter wire and tubing into nearly any shape for your product. At Complete Iron Works and Welding, we are revered for our custom bent tubing knowledge and ability to provide world-class tube bending services for round, square, and rectangular tubing in all sizes and materials.  In order to produce a high-quality bend or multiple bends using various materials and various radii, Complete Iron Works and Welding uses different types of bending apparatus. Each bending method is selected with the best fit of materials and dimensional attributes in mind. Furthermore, our high-capacity benders accommodate heavy, large size tubes with thick wall. Through the use of pre and post material treating, we are able to achieve bends far beyond other companies.

Our services are utilized for making railings, barriers, shop fittings, chair frames, and many more products that have a tubular form. Our facility houses advanced and accurate machinery that encompasses everything from simple tube benders to CNC tube bending equipment. Our state of the art equipment and team of experienced bending technicians provide the highest levels of quality and reliability. Whether your project is big or small, we can accommodate any deadline and are known for our high quality work at a fast turnaround rate. Our goal is to find the most efficient solutions possible to maximize the value of the tube bending services we offer. Complete Iron Works and Welding have invested in quality Metal Bending machinery and tools to give our customers confidence in quality repeatable bends when dealing with us. Production runs or one offs are welcomed and with many machines capacity will not be an issue when deadlines need to be met.

When you need tubes, look no further than us. We work with you to understand your requirements and supply you with high-grade items. No matter the complexity of the design or how tight the tolerances may be, Complete Iron Works and Welding welcomes the challenges your project presents. It is possible for us to produce that singular bend that you just can’t get off the shelf through to larger runs, although subject to the material and its dimensions, sometimes multi directional bending is not always possible. Contact us for more information regarding our industrial custom bent tubing services, or call us at 909-875-4542 and we will gladly assist you with your specific questions. Complete Iron Works and Welding is your trusted source for advanced custom tube bending services.